The Mars of Malcontents

The Mars of Malcontents

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Valentina knows how to live in the community spread throughout the old mining caves under the Martian ice cap. A violent place in a forbidding climate, but home for her and her brother.

Until she wakes from a coma to find her brother gone. Her father thinks her incapable of following them back to the equatorial cities.

He underestimates her – her stubbornness, her courage and her inventiveness. But she underestimates the cold, airless surface of Mars.

A journey from the polar ice cap to the Martian equator? Not enough to stop Valentina. Not with her brother on the line.


Author: Kate MacLeod
Narrator: Kira Omans
Publisher: Ratatoskr Press
Run time: 10 hours 34 minutes
Release Date: 04/30/2018