She Shall Have Music

She Shall Have Music

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It’s bad enough having to deal with other people’s emotions, but when you can actually see them—life becomes one long series of too much information.

Aura reader, Amethyst, sees everyone around her through a lens of shifting colors and lights. Resigned to knowing more than she should about those around her, Amethyst does her best to be of service to others. Never in a million years does she think her ability could actually save a life.

When the one person she never expects to see again turns up after three years, and drops a personal bombshell, Amethyst is forced to reevaluate everything she’s ever known.

Now, in the midst of a helping a best friend solve a mystery, Ammie will be given an impossible choice, and a task that will stretch her aura-reading capabilities past their limits.


Author: ReGina Welling
Narrator: Caren Naess
Publisher: Willow Hill Books
Run time: 6 hours 34 minutes
Release Date: 11/08/2022