Likability: The Secret Sauce to Leadership Influence

Likability: The Secret Sauce to Leadership Influence

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The workplace, the home and any relationship requires a level of connectivity. This connection is made at the point of common interests or purpose. The sealant to influential connectivity, in the space we call leadership, is likability. Likable people have influence. While the workforce is trying to find ways to influence others - to sell products, philosophies or services, likability becomes that “secret sauce” for influence. Influence brings the sale to a positive conclusion.  

Rick’s book, “Likability: The Secret Sauce to Leadership Influence,” approaches the topic by introducing the idea that each of us can “be” something to others for influence. For instance, he says that “Likable leaders are motivational. You may be that informal motivator for them just simply by asking them what motivates them.” He frames the chapters around powerful ideas that implore you to be: a motivator, inspirational, an encourager, authentic, fair, an aligner, a great communicator, a team builder, fun, a power releaser and a coach.  

Have you wondered how to gain more leadership or management influence? How can you improve your success in connecting with people? Do you struggle at times with your likability? This book and Companion Workbook is a wonderful and effective resource in professional and personal improvement.  

Be likable!


Author: Rick Forbus, PhD
Narrator: Roy Worley
Publisher: Leadervision
Run time: 6 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 03/10/2022