For a Rainy Afternoon

For a Rainy Afternoon

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Maybe it’s not just Robbie and Jason that can have the greatest love story ever told.

Robbie runs a small Post Office made from a converted Station House in a village northwest of London, England. He is stunned when a close friend dies and leaves him half of her estate. The only proviso is that it is to be shared equally with an American stranger, Jason, who has recently moved to the village.

The sealed box that they jointly inherit includes several rare first editions and an old cookery book. Only when the secrets of the ingredients in a particular recipe are finally revealed does everything begin to make sense... and a love story that began seventy years ago can finally be celebrated.


Author: RJ Scott
Narrator: Ian Gordon
Publisher: Love Lane Books Ltd
Run time: 2 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 09/29/2015