Hang Shakespeare: but not de Vere, a true-story mystery solved!

Hang Shakespeare: but not de Vere, a true-story mystery solved!

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Title: Hang Shakespeare: But not DeVere, a True Story Mystery Solved

Hang Shakespeare, a non-fiction book has been described as "a Shakespeare authorship mystery," "fun to read" and a "historical who-dunnit" where author Robert Boog asks the reader why Ben Jonson, an intimate friend of William Shakespeare wrote the words "Hang Shakespeare" in the To the Reader poem? Also, "but not de Vere." Check the cover and see for yourself! Edward de Vere has long been rumored to be the "real" author of the Shakespeare canon. This is NOT a 'kookie conspiracy theory" nor a book that promotes a "snobbish view" of the authorship. "Boog adds a mixture of inspired observations, serious facts, powerful proof as well as common-sense logic and a fun sense of humor to things. I liked it."

"Logical and practical arguments."

"Ever watch a comedy show where a comedian points out something OBVIOUS, and you laugh about it? This book is like that. Robert Boog is funny. He has a keen eye for observing the little things in life and his observations about Shakespeare make perfect sense. Is he an "expert"? No. But hear him out. My nephew has bipolar disorder too, and how he compares this to the real author is the smoking gun."



Author: Robert Boog
Narrator: Robert Boog
Publisher: ths international publishing
Run time: 3 hours 16 minutes
Release Date: 08/25/2020