Adventures of a Mystic Warrior: A Full Cast Audiobook

Adventures of a Mystic Warrior: A Full Cast Audiobook

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How does a 'Help Wanted Ad' lead to a new world of adventure?

Training to be a mystic warrior is an adventure filled with quests, landscape research, spirit guides, and characters from multiple realms. You have to: trust your instincts, rely on a plethora of entertaining and extraordinary helpers, and travel beyond the physical plane to find peace within. This is how a mystic warrior learns external and internal life lessons and how to exist in multiple realities at the same time.

A Full Cast Audiobook with fourteen world-class voices bringing the story to life!

Narrated by Adam Ewing

The Apprentice voiced by Gillian Riesen

Theo voiced by Erik Sandvold

Other characters voiced by: Steven Aguiló-Arbues, Danielle Bond, Mathieu D'Ordine, Dylan Fixmer, Isaac Frishman, Nadya Hill, Christine Honein, Claire McCahan, Sarah Off, John Riesen, and Evan Snyder

Music Composed by Dylan Fixmer:

Mixed and Mastered by Ian Campbell at Afterpostmodernism in Denver, CO:


Author: Rocco Robert D'Ordine
Narrator: Adam Ewing, Gillian Riesen, Erik Sandvold
Publisher: MajorRock, LLC
Run time: 8 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 04/02/2021