Ancient Egyptian Myths & Legends

Ancient Egyptian Myths & Legends

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This book contains retold legends of the gods of ancient Egypt: legends, which were current in the "morning of the world", preserved to the present day engraved on stone and written on papyri. Retold, each in their own way, they strictly adhere to the story, but words and phrases have been rearranged according to the English method; retaining, as much as possible, the expressions and metaphors of the Egyptian. 

The book is intended entirely for the general public, who are increasingly interested in the religion and civilization of ancient Egypt, but whose only means of obtaining knowledge of that country is apparently through magazine stories in which a mummy is the principal character. It may be worth noting that in these legends of ancient Egypt mummies are not mentioned, except in the Duat, the home of the dead, where one naturally expects to find them. Some of the timeless legends within this book include "The Book of Thoth", "The Scorpions of Isis", "The Battles of Horus", "The Coming of the Great Queen", and more!


Author: M.A. Murray
Narrator: Dennis Logan
Publisher: Rolled Scroll Publishing
Run time: 3 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 07/16/2018