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According to rabbinic tradition, Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon in his old age. Ecclesiastes is presented as biography of "Kohelet" or "Qoheleth"; his story is framed by the voice of the narrator, who refers to Kohelet in the third person, praises his wisdom, but reminds the reader that wisdom has its limitations and is not man's main concern. Kohelet reports what he planned, did, experienced and thought, but his journey to knowledge is, in the end, incomplete; the reader is not only to hear Kohelet's wisdom, but to observe his journey towards understanding and acceptance of life's frustrations and uncertainties: the journey itself is important.

This audio edition of Ecclesiastes is read from the King James Bible.


Author: Solomon
Narrator: Dennis Logan
Publisher: Rolled Scroll Publishing
Run time: 42 minutes
Release Date: 01/01/2021