RYA VHF Handbook (A-G31)

RYA VHF Handbook (A-G31)

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From the author of the best-selling RYA Navigation Handbook, this audiobook is based on the RYA’s official title to support the RYA VHF Operator's Short Range Certificate examination. It expands upon the quick reference VHF Radio inc GMDSS book (G22) to assist with a deeper level of understanding which will help you pass the exam.

It details everything that sailors need to know about using VHF radios including how they work, the rules and regulations which govern it and the procedures that must be followed.

In helping you prepare for the test, the audiobook links the easy-to-follow text to the syllabus to give you all you need to know to pass the exam.

The clear instruction make this complicated yet highly important subject much clearer and will help you learn the call procedures.

This is an essential learning tool and ideal background listening for anyone taking a VHF course.


Author: Melanie Bartlett
Narrator: Chris R. Wright
Publisher: Royal Yachting Association
Run time: 2 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 02/27/2020