Saying Yes: A Pastor's Journal

Saying Yes: A Pastor's Journal

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In his new book, Saying Yes, you will read first-hand journal accounts of life as a pastor, husband, and father. They include early beginnings in college through midlife and finally semi-retirement. As you read, reclaim your own story of God at work through the most difficult and victorious times. "Even the weakest link is stronger than the strongest memory."

Pastor Bob Yawberg has completed 60 plus years of pastoral ministry, including 48 in Ft. Wayne, IN. His vision, from the Lord led to establishing Broadway Christian Church in downtown Ft. Wayne where he served 23 years.

He retired from Broadway Church in 1997 believing retirement should be release for new service. Currently, he focuses on praying for and mentoring fellow pastors. He can be reached at Pastors in Prayer

Bob and his wife, Marilyn, years reside in Bradenton, FL. The love of their life includes two grown children, two married granddaughters, and four great-grandsons.


Author: Bob Yawberg
Narrator: Leon Tietz
Publisher: Worldwide Publishing Group
Run time: 1 hours 40 minutes
Release Date: 09/12/2020