Summary Bundle: Rage: Bob Woodward: Disloyal: A Memoir: Michael Cohen: Too Much Is Never Enough: Mary L. Trump

Summary Bundle: Rage: Bob Woodward: Disloyal: A Memoir: Michael Cohen: Too Much Is Never Enough: Mary L. Trump

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NOTE: Summaries are not intended to replace or substitute for the original books in any way for fashion. This book has three separate summary books that can also be purchased individually.

Pouncing on the moment that President Trump became informed in the Oval Office that the Covid-19 pandemic would most likely become the most significant threat to national security during his Presidency, best selling author Bob Woodward has woven the story and Trump’s other challenges into an anti-Trump tirade that sometimes backfires. The book is called Rage and Woodward shows a little of his own rage in interviewing Trump. 

Woodward has the scoop no one else does because he interviewed Trump 17 times and climbed into his mind and thoughts over seven chaotic months. Trump characterized the way he felt with an apt metaphor: “Dynamite behind every door.” Between a rock and a hard place, the American people's health stood on the line, and most likely, his Presidency. Doubt came into play, as did elements of denial, as Trump put on his combat boots, ready to wage war not only against the virus but the Left and the Chinese who wanted to see him fail.

Michael Cohen, in Disloyal, admits he was mesmerized by Trump like a cult member, began to see himself breaking his moral code, but stuck with Trump for money, power, and fame. Cohen boasts that he knew Trump better than his own family and it was not a pretty sight. Cohen dumps a truck load of Trump family skeletons at the reader’s feet and then picks them up one by one and executes a meticulous show-and-tell.

Mary L Trump, in Too Much and Never Enough, claims Trump is an unlovable, bullying, cruel, crass, racist, sociopathic fraud with delusions of grandeur. Rather than working for the American people who voted for him, Mary suggests he is only out for Trump and his children, for the empire, for more power, riches, and fame. 


Author: Scott Campbell
Narrator: Scott Campbell
Publisher: Scott Campbell
Run time: 3 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 10/01/2020