Scarface, the Valiant

Scarface, the Valiant

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Tragedy, bullying and low self-esteem…that was Christy’s life until she and a group of her friends decided to turn the table on the bullies, but neither she nor her friends expected the chain of events that would follow. She just wanted them to leave her alone! Now her world had been turned completely upside down. How could things change so dramatically in a matter of hours? More importantly. How could she turn them right-side up again? Or was that even possible? See how one teen overcame the issues of bullying and low self-esteem to find purpose and fulfillment when she encountered a world of fantasy that might be truer than life. 


Author: Shelly Hawk
Narrator: Shelly Hawk and JCJ
Publisher: Shelly Hawk
Run time: 7 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 12/21/2020