Treasures Gained in This Land: One missionary's life in Japan

Treasures Gained in This Land: One missionary's life in Japan

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“Ruth left her home country, Canada, in her youth to come and serve in Japan. She is even more Japanese than the Japanese. She loves the Japanese people, their country with all its natural beauty, and their culture, but above all she was a missionary who loved and served the Lord Jesus Christ with OMF International. I am confident that through this book you will see God’s great deeds and His working. God sent His treasure, Ruth Dueck, to our land. And Ruth in turn brought the treasure of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ to us. Ruth, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving and working in our country. Thank you.” (Rev Kazuhiro Komido)

“What a big job, but so worthwhile and interesting. It was so useful in showing me more of the Japanese character and the issues missionaries face.” (Ann Timonin)

​“I just had a quick read through your book, and it was delightful!! How wonderful to read of the Lord’s faithfulness through your years of ministry.” (Susan Warne)

​“Your story is so inspiring. I have enjoyed hearing your heart. Hearing your testimony of God’s faithfulness is such an encouragement to me.” (Eleanor Braun)


Author: Ruth Dueck
Narrator: Ruth Dueck
Publisher: Siretona Creative
Run time: 1 hours 47 minutes
Release Date: 06/09/2021