Together in Darkness

Together in Darkness

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She's psychically connected to a killer

A vicious murderer is leaving mutilated bodies across New England, plus a trail of clues purposely aimed at Special Agent Jake Austin. Jake is in pursuit, relying on his psychic sensitivity, when he meets Allison Brody. She's even more connected to the killer; in visions she's forced to watch him stalk and butcher helpless women.

The killer draws her closer, using her fear to feed his needs. Jake and Allison clash, fighting the attraction between them as they work to save the next victim – who might be Allison herself.


"I can describe this book in one word. Fabulous! Jake and Allison played well off of each other. The sexual tension in the book you could cut it with a knife. I am surprised that this book did not burst into flames. The killer was written so well that you could almost imagine being at the crime scene yourself. Sloan McBride has a new fan, and I cannot wait to read another one of her books." –Megan, Bitten by Books

 "Sloan McBride captures readers from the first page and holds them in thrall for the remainder of this fantastic story. I loved how the story opens with us receiving a glimpse of how the killer works. Her writing rivets us as we transition to the other players' points of view. She keeps us guessing as we draw ever closer to finding out the identity of The Surgeon and how everyone seems to fit into this puzzle. TOGETHER IN DARKNESS is an awesome, romantic suspense. I was impressed with Ms. McBride's work and will certainly look forward to her other tales."—Melissa, Novel Talk



Author: Sloan McBride
Narrator: Jeff Bower
Publisher: World of Dreams Publishing, LLC
Run time: 7 hours 6 minutes
Release Date: 03/12/2014