Stone: You know you're lonely when your best friend is a rock

Stone: You know you're lonely when your best friend is a rock

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A heartfelt story of the old west, the way you never heard it.

Rhone lives a lonely life on the outskirts of Skragmoore, a small, worn out, back-country town. He had quietly lived in the old homestead his entire life, until the day he picked up a pretty rock from the river.

That one simple action changed his entire world. 

Stone, the ages old crystalline entity, knew a tremendous amount about most things, but virtually nothing about people. Rhone quickly found that knowing by thinking, and knowing by doing, were not the same thing at all.

When Commissioner Dodge heard of an interesting happening, he sent his men to find, buy or steal the piece, sending Rhone running to the badlands to escape. Unfortunately, the badlands were named for a very good reason. The unexpected meeting with The Commissioner’s men wasn’t so good either. With Stone taken, it's up to Rhone, first to survive, then to find his friend and rescue him from a life of isolated entrapment.

When the OPR gets involved the story becomes even more twisted, as the agents work to find evidence against The Commissioner.

A fun read for the entire family.

A genre melding YA action adventure / gaslight western with a sci-fi twist.


Author: Strider S. R. Klusman
Narrator: Todd Menesses
Publisher: Duramen Publishing
Run time: 10 hours 28 minutes
Release Date: 08/01/2022