The Blue Pendant: Historical Family Saga

The Blue Pendant: Historical Family Saga

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She dared to seek independence and travel the world. But she wasn’t prepared to pay the price…

Sussex, England, 1913. Nineteen-year-old Anna Neale longs for an independent life full of adventure. Refusing her father’s wishes to marry his chosen suitor, she convinces him to allow her to take a receptionist position at a prestigious seaside hotel. But her beautiful plan soon turns ugly when the inn’s lascivious manager assaults her.

While struggling to recover from the brutal attack, she’s charmed into a heartbreaking love triangle with a kind-hearted chef and a handsome rake. Eventually choosing a husband and migrating to Canada, Anna leaves her career behind hoping for the excitement she’s always craved. But when the hated domestic life thwarts her every move and her heart secretly yearns for another she falls into despair. Frustration and unfulfilled hopes lead her to uproot her family and return to England

Will Anna survive more hardship to finally find the life of her dreams?


Author: Susan A. Jennings
Narrator: Vicki-Jo Eva
Publisher: SaRaKa InPrint
Run time: 15 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 01/21/2023