Eli's Coming - A Short Story

Eli's Coming - A Short Story

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“You must hide your heart. Eli’s coming,” said the mysterious vendor to Gretchen Cantrell.

Gretchen dismisses this warning, and, later, she is murdered.

Gretchen’s friends, Stu Phillips and Cindy Frasier, become embroiled in the death of their friend.

And when the mysterious vendor appears to the two friends and gives them the same advice, that advice turns into a very public fight with a demon…a demon that lives on burning heartache.

Will Cindy and Stu defeat the demon, or will the demon feed once more? Find out in T. M. Bilderback’s Eli’s Coming, performed by Patrick Peterson and Sarah DaMetz!


Author: T. M. Bilderback
Narrator: Patrick Peterson, Sarah DaMetz
Publisher: Sardis County Sentinel Press
Run time: 40 minutes
Release Date: 02/22/2018