Hot Child In The City - A Short Story

Hot Child In The City - A Short Story

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Several gruesome murders have taken place in Bohemian Village, the arty part of the city. Each victim was male, and had been last seen dancing in various nightclubs in the Village.

Detective John Yates and Detective James William "Jim Bill" Coleman are assigned to stake out one of these nightclubs looking for whoever is behind the "Dance Murders".

But, the situation becomes complicated when Detective Coleman becomes obsessed with a very beautiful girl he sees in the club. No one knows who she is. No one knows where she came from. Every guy stares at her, and wants to take her home.

Will this girl cause Detective Coleman to miss the chance to catch the killer? Find out in this unusual story by T. M. Bilderback, Hot Child In The City!


Author: T. M. Bilderback
Narrator: Jasmin Rhea
Publisher: Sardis County Sentinel Press
Run time: 15 minutes
Release Date: 05/18/2014