Lords of London: Books 4-6

Lords of London: Books 4-6

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To Vex a Viscount

At a scandalous house party, Lizzie Doherty recognizes the masked Lord Hugo Wakely. One impromptu kiss leaves her wanting more. If he's willing...

To Dare a Duchess

An indiscretion tore Nina and Byron apart. Now back in London, free from restraint a love affair ensues. But for how long when secrets still remain.

To Marry a Marchioness

Newly appointed Marquess, Marcus Duncan is thrown into the path of his cousin’s widow. Henrietta instantly charms him, and now he wants her for himself.


Author: Tamara Gill
Narrator: Duke Defoix, Duchess Defoix
Publisher: Tamara Gill
Run time: 12 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 02/12/2022