To Marry a Marchioness

To Marry a Marchioness

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Lady Henrietta Zetland is definitely not looking for love again after being widowed so young. She cannot provide the heirs most husbands desire, so is quite happy to abandon the trappings of the ton and London Season for country life. Yet the moment she meets Marcus Duncan, the new Marquess Zetland, the passion she has long suppressed returns to life and overwhelms all good sense and propriety.

Becoming a Marquess is just what Marcus Duncan needs to save his crumbling Scottish estate. His travels to England to oversee his newly acquired estates, throws him into the path of his cousin’s widow. Marcus is instantly charmed by Henrietta and a passionate love affair ensues. The last thing he expects is to lose his heart and when he pushes for more, it is revealed they both have secrets that could separate them forever.


Author: Tamara Gill
Narrator: Duke Duchess Defoix
Publisher: Tamara Gill
Run time: 3 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 09/18/2021