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Sweet Murder

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What's a witch to do when the meanest man in the county drops dead in his coleslaw during her shift at the local barbecue joint? Noelle does what any good Southern witch would do: she flicks a wrist to clean up the mess, then thanks the stars for doing the world a favor. Until she becomes a suspect.

A skydiving best friend, an unruly teenager with wonky powers, and a bossy, living-impaired aunt become the least of her worries when the killer decides to bump up the plan by bumping her off. Can she figure it out in time to save all she holds dear, or will Noelle be next on the list of folks who've turned up dead?


Publisher:  Magical Words Publishing
Narrator: Krystle Minkoff
Run time:  7.5 hours
Release Date:  10/12/2018