Cardinal Machines

Cardinal Machines

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Zoey Collins Cardinal needed a lifeline. Tragedy gave her 1-Ocean.

Being the great niece of mother of A.I. Katherine Cardinal, doesn't mean Zoey is rolling in green. In fact, she's living in the threadbare shadows of a great house that once belonged to her father and was passed down to her uncle. But the Collins family is rife with penetration-testers and Private Eyes, a gene Zoey's inherited in spades. So, even alone, Zoey is ready to fight to survive and make it in the business by herself. She's barely making the bills when her great aunt passes away and leaves her a prototype Cardinal Machine called 1-Ocean.

The Ocean unit is beautiful and buttoned-down, installed in Zoey’s front room. But what's a girl to do with a sweet custom android like Ocean? Why not take him out to pick up bail jumpers? It's easy money, since the Ocean models were designed for federal investigations and law-enforcement! But when Zoey takes on a bail jumper who would be her biggest bank, News channels report him dead in a seaside park. The Sheriff's Department rules it an accident, but her android's assessment calls it murder.

And Zoey Collins is not the best at believing the powers that be....

If you like The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells this series & its law enforcement android is for you! / Audiobook narrated by QueenK8!


Author: Tracy Eire
Narrator: QueenK8
Publisher: Tracy Eire
Run time: 10 hours 44 minutes
Release Date: 10/21/2020