Nameless Mountain

Nameless Mountain

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The craziness that comes with the summer heat gets into your bones,

fraying relationships and making even thought a chore. When you have no work and even the Tarot cards are saying bad things, it makes a road trip sound like fun.

Three friends head out from LA to Las Vegas… the place where many things fall apart, including the foundation of the trio. Blame it on vagueness and a prostitute who is a Scorpio.

Escaping without money means catching a ride with a Midwestern Dentist. He's driving his Porsche all the way to a mountain without even the weight of a name, and the trip provides a certain amount of flatline insight. Finding a job in a diner in a remote mountaintop town filled with strange characters and a library of books in Khmer (Cambodian), suddenly things start to flow together. Realizations are muddying the waters, but also provided a certain kind of clarity and possibly a purpose.

If the endless country music doesn't prove toxic, a return from the brink might be possible.


Author: Ed Teja
Narrator: Jeff Bower
Publisher: Float Street Press
Run time: 2 hours 44 minutes
Release Date: 09/29/2014