Beliefs & Black Magics

Beliefs & Black Magics

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Brought together by design, held together by hope…

Shattered by a magical apocalypse, the world of Aetheria struggles to rise from the ashes of war and destruction.

Esperanza, at odds with her faith, wakes in this mystical world under attack by a powerful necromancer. Joined by Torrents and The Kid, two people who are more than they appear, they hunt the wielder of black magics and her undead horde. Finding one another was just the first step to finding themselves.

Searching ancient, arcane ruins and scouring the land for help, they search for a way to fight the overpowering evil.

If they can’t stop her, then all civilization will be destroyed, and the dead shall control the land.

You'll LOVE this book for characters that feel real and non-stop action!



Author: Travis I. Sivart
Narrator: Travis I. Sivart
Publisher: Talk of the Tavern Publishing Group
Run time: 6 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 04/30/2022