Demons & Daggers

Demons & Daggers

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Aetheria, a chaotic world of magic and mayhem, struggles to rebuild after an onslaught of undead and destruction.

Having parted ways, Torrents and the Kid seek their own lives, when demons erupt across the land, and they rise to the challenge of protecting their adopted world.

Joined by Nathan, a rokairn priest of Jonath from Earth who is hunted by a half-breed demoness and her band of gnohls, they scramble to save the land from ultimate destruction, a cambion hellbent on controlling the portals between planes, and bringing her father’s army to the world,

Can they unite a divided land to save itself from a fate worse than death?

You'll LOVE this book for characters you can believe in and non-stop action!



Author: Travis I. Sivart
Narrator: Travis I. Sivart
Publisher: Talk of the Tavern Publishing Group
Run time: 7 hours 39 minutes
Release Date: 11/01/2022