She Knows Her God

She Knows Her God

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All she did was search for missing girls. Her actions disrupted a dangerous human trafficking web. Now they want her dead.

This should be a must read for anyone.◆ ◆Experience non-stop action.◆ ◆Sooo GOOD!! It was well worth staying up till about 4am.

Asia Powers, a small-town girl with big dreams and secrets of her own, founded Missing But Treasured Inc. with one goal—to find women like her who were taken from their place of safety.

Traveling overseas to find a missing only daughter sets a dangerous criminal hot on her trail. Caught in the thick web of international trafficking, and confronting more than one dangerous enemy, she is given a single warning: Not to return home if she wants to live. Will she comply?

Seventeen year old Julia Freeman was taught to say something if she spotted anything unusual. Stepping into the police station—amid a family conflict—to report an unusual observation thrust her into unexpected and deadly danger. Will she survive?

She Knows Her God is Book 1 of a new Christian Suspense series by award winning, Top 17, USA Today bestselling Christian Fiction Author Joy Ohagwu. Grab your copy now and prepare to read past your bedtime.


Author: Joy Ohagwu
Narrator: Stephanie Quinn
Publisher: Divine Breakthrough Infinity
Run time: 5 hours 49 minutes
Release Date: 01/15/2021