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Book Summary: an epic voyage on a strange ship with a bizarre crew.

Sci Fi Categories: Aliens and Monsters, Space Adventure, Robots, Hard Sci Fi

Book Description:"The author has done a good job in making his twisted people real & their problems logical. A good idea, well worked out."--Astounding/Analog. Medical science has created a world of perfect people. No matter what birth defects or devastating accidents they suffer, science can fix them. No one is deformed or unattractive, except for a handful, who have suffered calamities beyond even the power of future surgery to perfect. They're Accidentals. Exiled on a tiny asteroid between Mars & Jupiter, to the rest of humanity the Accidentals are pathetic, crippled & deformed, half men & women, fractional organisms masquerading as people. So, when the Accidentals learn the 1st interstellar flight is in preparation they decide to hijack the ship & seek a world they can make their own. The stars are very far away & the exploratory trips will be long. But the medical skills which have kept them alive have also given the Accidentals incredible endurance & made them nearly immortal. There's only one problem: The perfect people don't want a bunch of freaks as humanity's 1st emissaries to the stars. They're willing to blow the Accidentals' ship out of space to stop them. What Earth can't possibly anticipate is the difference the Accidental's strange talents can make.

Authors Bio: F. L. Wallace, sometimes credited as Floyd Wallace, was a noted science fiction and mystery writer. He was born in Rock Island, Illinois, in 1915, and died in Tustin, California, in 2004. Wallace spent most of his life in California as a writer and mechanical engineer after attending the University of Iowa.

Narrators Rating (10 out of 10): ★★★★★★★★★★ 


Author: F L Wallace
Narrator: Brian K Fitzgibbon
Publisher: Giobuin Publishing
Run time: 7 hours 41 minutes
Release Date: 05/24/2022