Battle for the Stars

Battle for the Stars

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Book Summary: Earth under threat from its descendants in space.

Sci Fi Categories: Space Adventure, 

Book Description: Battle for the Stars (1961) is a reasonably good tale of interstellar war and intrigue. It reminds me a little of some of the military SF I have read, with its honest, loyal, patriotic, family-oriented space naval officers and ruthless, sneaky, selfish, lying politicians.

Authors Bio: Edmond Hamilton's career as a science fiction writer began with the publication of "The Monster God of Mamurth", a short story, in the August 1926 issue of Weird Tales now a classic magazine of alternative fiction. Weird Tales would publish 79 works of fiction by Hamilton from 1926 to 1948, making him one of the magazine's most prolific contributors. Hamilton wrote one of the first hardcover compilations of what would eventually come to be known as the science fiction genre, 

Narrators Rating (9 out of 10): ★★★★★★★★★☆ 



Author: Edmond Hamilton
Narrator: Brian K Fitzgibbon
Publisher: Giobuin Publishing
Run time: 2 hours 19 minutes
Release Date: 02/14/2022