In Caverns Below

In Caverns Below

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Book Summary: an imaginative Lost World story with humor and satire

Sci Fi Categories: Lost Worlds, Adventure

Book Description: Mining engineer Frank Comstock takes a job checking out the integrity of a shut-down mine in Nevada. He gets his answer when the mine caves in, plunging him far underground into a network of tunnels occupied by two warring races of unknown chalk-skinned humans!

Authors Bio: Stanton Arthur Coblentz was an American author and poet. He received a Master's Degree in English literature and then began publishing poetry during the early 1920s. His first published science fiction was The Sunken World, a satire about Atlantis, in Amazing Stories Quarterly for July, 1928

Narrators Rating (8 out of 10): ★★★★★★★★☆☆


Author: Stanton A Coblentz
Narrator: Brian K Fitzgibbon
Publisher: Giobuin Publishing
Run time: 7 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 03/14/2022