X Marks the Asteroid

X Marks the Asteroid

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Book Summary: schemers fight to find a long-lost fortune in space

Sci Fi Categories: Space Adventure, Time Travel, 

Book Description: Deep in space Ralph's ancestors lay in suspended animation—a price on their heads. They left him a map and a problem: awaken them—or collect the reward!...

Authors Bio: Ross Rocklynne. Born in 1913 in Ohio, Rocklynne was a regular contributor to several science fiction pulps including Astounding Stories, Fantastic Adventures and Planet Stories. He sold his first story after four years of spasmodic writing. Despite his numerous appearances and solid writing, Rocklynne never quite achieved the fame of his contemporaries Robert A. Heinlein, L. Sprague de Camp, and Isaac Asimov. His well-known stories include 1938's "The Men and the Mirror," which was part of his Colbie and Deverel series, and 1941's "Time Wants a Skeleton", which has been reprinted in several anthologies, including Asimov's Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science Fiction

Narrators Rating (7 out of 10): ★★★★★★★☆☆☆



Author: Ross Rocklynne
Narrator: Brian K Fitzgibbon
Publisher: Giobuin Publishing
Run time: 1 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 02/14/2022