WW2: Spies, Snipers and Tales of the World at War

WW2: Spies, Snipers and Tales of the World at War

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The Second World War was the most devastating conflict in human history. From spies and snipers to submarines and air raids. Their stories of bravery and courage have filled thousands of history books.

What if you were there?

Sink the Bismarck

You’re a German sailor on the Bismarck fighting for your life as you engage the British off the coast of Norway.

Dutch Spy Incident

You’re a double agent in neutral Holland trying to outfox the British and Germans.

German Submarine U-110

You’ve discovered an Enigma coding machine on a disabled German submarine.

The Jewish Evacuation

You witness the conversation and decision-making process of how the Nazis committed genocide against the Jews.

Snipers in Stalingrad

You’re a Russian hero sniper—invincible—until the Germans send in the best sniper in the world, and you must outfight him. 

Codename Cicero

You’re the British Ambassador’s Valet and peddling Intelligence secrets to the highest bidder. Will you get caught?

Operation Valkyrie

You’ve decided to kill Hitler and remove the Nazi party from power. The elements of your plan must work perfectly, or you’ll be killed.

Hero of Budapest

You’re a Swedish diplomat creating fake passes and distributing them to Jewish refugees. Will you get caught?

Iwo Jima

You’re an American Marine on the first wave invasion of one of the bloodiest and most difficult battles of the war. Will you survive?

Tickling the Dragon

You're on the Enola Gay, B-29 Superfortress, and tasked to drop the world’s first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Walk in the boots of the world’s fighters during long years of slaughter, exhaustion, and the near collapse of our civilization.


Author: War History Journals
Narrator: Daniel Griffin
Publisher: Storyteller Books, LLC
Run time: 2 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 03/17/2020