The Deepest Growl: A Talking Cat Fantasy

The Deepest Growl: A Talking Cat Fantasy

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This ghost-cat is ready for a job. But when her reputation exceeds her abilities, will this opportunity go to the dogs?

Jem finally feels at home in the afterlife. So when she’s offered the chance to play muse to a talented tabby author, she can’t wait to get to work sleeping by her artist’s side. But just as Jem is set to curl up and inspire stories by snoozing, she’s shocked to learn that she's expected to actually help the literary kitty write!

Deciding they need a change of scenery, Jem takes her charge to a remote magical establishment to conjure memories of how her previous Earth owner wrote. But with an overbearing agent scratching her every idea, time is running out before the ghostly calico loses her job and her writer companion.

Will Jem claw her way out of this dilemma before this agent cuts her career short?

The Deepest Growl is the third book in the adventurous Cats of the Afterlife middle grade fantasy series. If you like determined characters, overcoming challenges, and mysterious adversaries, then you’ll love Wendy Ledger’s lively tale.

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Author: Wendy Ledger
Narrator: Kae Marie Denino
Publisher: Wendy Ledger
Run time: 5 hours 3 minutes
Release Date: 10/15/2020