Chocolate Grudge

Chocolate Grudge

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Sweet shop owner turned amateur sleuth in a cozy seaside town full of mystery and murder.

It is the start of a new venture for Margaret and her son, Zach, setting up their dream candy store, Nichol’s Candy Store. With the business owners around her, there is never a dull moment – from Stacy Koontz the café owner, Mr. Stewart, the dog-groomer who needs a new personality, and Simone Peretti, who is as eccentric as the antiques she sells.

It was nothing Margaret couldn’t handle, until their neighbor, Dorothy, was found murdered. A woman who was hated by everyone – making the entire neighborhood a suspect. On top of that long list is the new resident, Kyle, who’s kind-hearted beneath a gruff around the gills hard coating. Wanting justice for Dorothy and Kyle, Margaret decides to investigate this mystery herself. With an attractive detective by her side, it’ll lead to more connections than she ever anticipated.

Is she sweet enough to solve this sour blooded mystery?


Author: Wendy Meadows
Narrator: Lily Jane
Publisher: Majestic Owl Publishing LLC
Run time: 3 hours 45 minutes
Release Date: 09/29/2020