Burke's Gamble: Bob Burke Suspense Thriller #2

Burke's Gamble: Bob Burke Suspense Thriller #2

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Bullets, Bombs, and Mayhem! Bob Burke is back! It’s the American Sniper meets The Godfather, Round #2, or Bob Lee Swagger takes on the New York City mob. 4.6 Stars on 429 Amazon Reviews, 4.6 Stars on 12 Audible Reviews, 12 hrs and 37 minutes.

Mild-mannered and slight of build, this telecommunications company executive is easily dismissed as the "telephone guy." After four tours running ‘special operations’ missions in Iraq and the rugged mountains of Afghanistan as an Army Ranger and Delta Force commander, he's one of the most lethal killers the US government ever produced.

But when one of his old NCOs takes a header from the fifth floor of an Atlantic City casino run by the infamous Genovese and Lucchese NY mob families, someone’s going to answer for it and payback’s gonna be a bitch!

This time, it won’t be a ‘Gumbah’ hunt with sniper rifles in a Chicago Forest preserve park. Bob and his Merry Men are going to take the Mob’s money, all of it, from a Mafia Don holed up in the casino’s penthouse, backed by a dozen mob gunmen and an elite team of foreign mercenaries.

While there’s always a place for a Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifle or two, this time Bob calls on a pair of baby-faced computer Geeks, a two-star Army General, a Chicago homicide detective, a female Air Force pilot, a Russian computer programmer, one of the world’s most renowned pickpockets, and his new wife, Linda. From stealth helicopters to luxury yachts, fishing trawlers, and bodies in 55-gallon oil drums, the action is non-stop.

Looking for a good listen? This fast-moving conspiracy thriller is from the author of Burke’s War, Burke’s Revenge, Burke's Samovar, the new Burke's Mandarin and the forthcoming Burke's Rescue. Together, his 17 books and audiobooks books have over 1,00 5-Star Reviews. Enjoy!


Author: William F Brown
Narrator: Derrick Magolski
Publisher: William F Brown
Run time: 12 hours 29 minutes
Release Date: 08/28/2020