Knocking Boots

Knocking Boots

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From Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Willow Winters comes a steamy, small-town romance.

A drunken bet that led to a fake relationship? My naive little heart still hoped it would last...

We were never meant to be together.

He’s a bartender with noncommittal tendencies.

I’m looking for … the opposite. Commitment. Period.

But drinks and a bet led to something it shouldn’t have: a fake relationship. Worse, a first date, a first kiss… and then more.

He’s addictive and I can’t bring myself to accept the reality.

That it’s all a lie and I’m fooling myself by thinking he could want more. That I could change him.

He’s mine for as long as I keep on pretending like this is just for fun.

As if I don’t want more…

Like when he whispers my name, I pretend it doesn’t make my heart flip.

Like when he holds me at night, I pretend I don’t want to lay in his bed every night.

It's just a bet; just a lie . . . until it isn't.


Author: Willow Winters
Narrator: Teddy Hamilton, Lidia Dornet
Publisher: Willow Winters Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 16 minutes
Release Date: 11/13/2020