Celebrity: A Mask

Celebrity: A Mask

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This book, Celebrity a Mask, is the last book that Professor Fomum wrote with his own hand, after almost 56 years in the faith and 35 years of ministry both in Cameroon and abroad.

Using the example of General Naaman in the Bible who was hiding his leprosy and covering it up with the mask of military success, money, honour, celebrity and the like, the author lays emphasis on the fact that most people wear a mask. In fact, many people hide their condition by wearing the mask of money, women, celebrity, etc., whereas their hearts are rotten with sin.

A mask is something that a person wears to deceive or to cloud reality.

A mask is something that a person wears for fear that people may know who he or she really is.

As a mature presentation of the Gospel, this book captures the burden for the souls of men that the author had towards the end of his life.

Read it. Not only will you discover which masks you are wearing, but you will meet Jesus-Christ, the Lord and Saviour, who will take away your masks, and give you salvation of the soul and healing of the body.


Author: Zacharias Tanee Fomum
Narrator: Gerald Zimmerman
Publisher: ZTF Books Online
Run time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Release Date: 12/15/2018