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Mayhem and Murder

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A horse is a horse, right? Maybe in most places, but not in Keyhole, because nothing is ever that simple. 

Just when Noelle thinks she has her ducks in a row, a woman brings her horse to Flynn Farm for boarding. At first, everything is just peachy: the woman is wonderful and the horse is mannerly and full of personality. Then, par for the course and much to Noe's chagrin, things go sideways. 

Mysterious men start showing up in town looking for a woman matching the boarder's description, trinkets start missing from her shop, and Bobbie Sue gets some shocking news. 

Is it going to be murder and mayhem in Keyhole Lake again, or is Noelle finally going to enjoy some R&R? With smart-mouthed donkeys, cantankerous ghosts, and magical mysteries, It's a safe bet to put your money on the mayhem.


Publisher:  Magical Words Publishing
Narrator: Krystle Minkoff
Run time:  5.7 hours
Release Date:  5/13/2019