The Rogue Prince: A Qurilixen World Novel

The Rogue Prince: A Qurilixen World Novel

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NYT & USAT Bestselling Author

Cat-Shifter Paranormal Sci Fi Romance

Part of the award winning Qurilixen World by NYT Bestselling Author Michelle M. Pillow.

"5 ANGEL! RECOMMENDED READ! "Michelle M. Pillow offers readers an outstanding story of loyalty, duty, honor, and love." - Love Romances

Cat-shifter Prince Reid is always looking for a good time, and no woman is immune when he turns on the charm. When the opportunity arises to go on an ambassador’s trip, he jumps at the chance–especially when that trip includes exciting alien destinations and available women. What more could a rogue prince want? 

Reid didn't count on finding a woman who could bring him to his knees with just one look. She needs help, and he will do anything to protect her including making her his...forever.

Jasmine St. Claire appears to have it all--wealth, a luxury spaceship, first-class travel to alien worlds--but looks can be deceiving. Escaping her gilded cage by joining a spaceship transport, she didn’t plan on leaving one man’s rule for another. Yet it would seem the sexy alpha male has decided he wants her for his very own.

About Lords of the Var Series

The cat-shifter princes were raised to not believe in love, especially love for one woman, and they will do everything in their power to live up to their father’s expectations. Oh, how the mighty will fall.

"The Rogue Prince is a fabulous story...highly recommended." - Novelspot

5 ANGEL! RECOMMENDED READ! "a wonderful story with a plot rich in characters, emotions, and the frustrations of dealing with both of them." - Fallen Angel Reviews

Cat Shapeshifter Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fated Mate, Alpha Male, Alien Romance

Part of the Qurilixen World

Lords of the Var Series


Author: Michelle M. Pillow
Narrator: Michael Ferraiuolo
Publisher: The Raven Books LLC
Run time: 6 hours 57 minutes
Release Date: 09/14/2016