Billionaires of Belmont Complete Collection Books 1-5

Billionaires of Belmont Complete Collection Books 1-5

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"Brilliant series!" 5-Star Reader Review

"Books by Shadonna Richards are always a pleasure to read. They are romantic, funny, and always have a happy ending." 5-Star Reader Review

"Love that Belmont familly... full of quirks and lovely down to earth values.... can't wait for the next one..." 5-Star Reader Review

"Just fantastic brilliant writing, could not put it down." 5-Star Reader Review

Meet the Belmont family of the affluent Belmont waterfront community…

Desperate to see his sons settle down, especially after he’s been given six months to a year to live, elderly hotel magnate and family patriarch Jonah E. Belmont, III gives his sons a bucket list challenge. They each must wed—or at least be in a stable, loving relationship before he passes on and in order to keep their respective inheritance in the prestigious Belmont Hotels & Resorts legacy. Only his sons are not too convinced about getting married for any reason and vow to remain single…and safe from heartbreak.


Author: Shadonna Richards
Narrator: L. W. Salinas
Publisher: Shadonna Richards
Run time: 30 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 06/01/2019