The Family Business

The Family Business

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The Bitch is Back

Alison’s powers are restored, and her magic is sizzling

Dark Wizards gather in Seattle for a meeting. Alison isn't about to let them set up business in her town.

Her friends have her back, even if one of them may be a traitor.

A dark wizard escapes the raid. Doesn’t he realize a Brownstone won't give up?

After he frees the Fremont troll, Alison has to think fast to protect innocents. But wrangling a stone giant wasn’t on her agenda.

Sometimes it's your team that gives you strength.

THE FAMILY BUSINESS is the fourth magic-filled adventure in the Alison Brownstone series. Click "Buy Now" to start reading.


Publisher: LMBPN Publishing
Narrator: Kate Rudd
Run time: 7 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 06/25/2019