A few hymns on Lord Ganesa

A few hymns on Lord Ganesa

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Hinduism has a number of gods and goddesses. One such god is Ganesha. He is also called as Ganapati, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar etc. Normally, it is the practice that he is invoked and worshipped before starting any puja or work. It is considered that Ganesha will remove all obstacles in any good work that we do. Therefore, he is called as Vigneswara, Vignaraja etc. So, before we go out on a journey or start some good work, we pray to Ganesha for removal of obstacles. Students, for example, pray to him before going for the examination to retain good memory and getting the requisite confidence. Before the start of functions like marriage, Ganesa is invoked.

There are a number of hymns on Ganesa in the scriptures. In this audio book, I am presenting seven out of these hymns on Ganesa. 


Author: Venkataraman. M
Narrator: Venkataraman. M
Run time: 38 minutes
Release Date: 09/14/2021