A Less Convenient Arrangement

A Less Convenient Arrangement

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She has lost all hope. He has little desire to stay by her side.

Sadie Rose Perkins finds herself in dire straits after her father, the town banker, absconded with everyone’s money. What’s more, her mother’s failing mental stability becomes a trial she is not certain she can overcome. When she faces legal troubles amidst the townsfolk who shun her for actions not her own, is there anywhere she can turn?

Though his one goal is to return to Richmond and a partnership in his father’s law firm, David Anderson finds himself drawn to Sadie and softening to her plight. He offers what legal advice he can, but resists being pulled into the mess that has become her life. Until he starts to care beyond that initial attraction.

With the looming loss of Sadie’s home and all that remains to support her in the world, she doesn’t see a clear way out.

Can she stand strong against the challenges facing her? Will David risk following his heart regardless of the cost? Or take the first out offered to him?


Author: Sara R. Turnquist
Narrator: Becky Brabham
Publisher: Sara R. Turnquist
Run time: 6 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 08/08/2022