A Pretty Souvenir of the Twentieth Century: An Adventurous Contemporary Romance

A Pretty Souvenir of the Twentieth Century: An Adventurous Contemporary Romance

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It’s in fact a moving story with the theme of contemporary romance. But it’s slightly horror as well, as obviously, the hero of the novel wanders through the world (for the making of his life). This book also weaves love and stupidity, eagerness and patience, fun and sensuality, truth and treachery as the main hero of the novel takes the adventurous steps through his purgatorial nature of his life who portrays he’s a hard-nosed character ever to tell the readers that he’s not made to be defeated, unless destroyed. The fact is that – subject on traditionally social norms and lineage, as opposes rudely by the heroine’s guardian, might have been the sheer battle against their love at first sight (timid and innocent couple). But in the end, the heroine discovers the truth and forgives him and agrees to reunite their relationship.

Here it goes: Shangkar agrees with his dad’s advice (Montiago) and goes on to marry Shirley (Kirstein’s white fair daughter) just like a young maiden of his dreams. Because Shangkar, even as a young boy, begins to trust his dad, but not that he is his. He begins to think, that now, he needs to learn how to assist his dad.

Shangkar, a young schoolboy’s close relationship with Montiago (his father) further grows as he assists him. He dreams of many things in a dairy farm and shack as well, and he only learns that the dreams are just good signs from Montiago. He, after the completion of high school, moves to RNR institute and to Digham after six months for a field-study (under Kassip’s household.) where Karlooh (Kassip’s dog) bridges him with Shirley (Kirstein’s white fair daughter) at her modest hut in the midst of the small orchard on one of the fine vacations.

You’ll be fascinated and overwhelmed to know that Karlooh was extraordinarily popular because of his beautiful name that he received from the contest.

However, the love, at first sight, grows steadily just like a fountain of love between Shangkar and Shirley. But later it turns possibly short. He refuses to go back to the institute. Instead, he helps her and spends every penny at her home. Karlooh, as he runs after him, dies in the Sheriff’s and deputies’ brutal hands. But the old man, Brahmino releases him too. The story, however, ends with the clear evidence of reconciliation reuniting their relationship between Shangkar and Shirley after the war.


Author: Tashi Gyeltshen
Narrator: Al Remington
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory
Run time: 6 hours 29 minutes
Release Date: 01/09/2018