A Santaclaws Collection: Books 1-3

A Santaclaws Collection: Books 1-3

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Book 1: A Dragon for Christmas

A Christmas Dragon tale like no other.

Keir thinks he knows about bad luck. His Elven mother is dying of a wasting disease. His Human father, severely injured in the war, struggles to walk. A brutal Winterfall clasps his mountainous kingdom in talons of ice. The people are starving. His family, his little sisters, depend on him to see them to Dragonmas Day.

They need a miracle. But who believes in miracles anymore?

Long ago, the mighty Dragon Santaclaws rescued Humankind and resettled them in the magical realm of Tyanbran – but Santaclaws and his miracles are gone, and his Dragons disappeared. Now, a stubborn half-Elf must brave blizzards and treacherous trails to bring food to the kingdom, and find winterberry to ease his mother’s suffering.

What he discovers on this journey will shatter all unbelief. The lightning-born treasure he places beneath his Dragonmas tree changes everything, for wishes are different when it comes to Dragons.

Wishes take wing, and come true.

Book 2: A Hatchling for Springtide

Little paws must not grow large.

True to Keir's fears, the enemy is not slow to respond to a Dragon hatchling's birth. Certanshi assassins close in on his family, but they are not the only ones who want the Elves of Amarinthe and his scaly diamond miracle dead and buried in the snows.

The ill-prepared Elves must flee through snow and winter storm to the safety of the Arabaxa Jungles. Keir leads the way through the heart of the mountains, beneath the Dragon Kings peaks, into the lair of Santaclaws himself – but many dangers lie in wait. Ancient powers hunger for Dragon magic. Hunters scour the peaks, bringing storm and destruction.

Meantime, managing a growing hatchling brings many new challenges. Eating his father's boots is one matter. Demanding that he lose himself, his very being, in their magical bond is quite another.

If he would become a Dragon Guardian, Keir must face his greatest test yet.

The second thrilling volume in a new Dragon Rider epic for fans of Anne McCaffrey, Eragon and How to Train Your Dragon.

Book 3: A Fledgling for Summer's Rising

In Santaclaws Book #3, A Fledgling for Summer's Rising, Keir and his family dive into the supposed safety of the mighty Elven jungles. But even here, new dangers wait. Greedy eyes hunger for a Dragoness of diamond born. Travelling into the sacred heart of the Jungles, Keir seeks vital clues that will keep him and Storm alive.

The third exciting volume in a new Dragon Rider epic for fans of Anne McCaffrey, Eragon and How to Train Your Dragon.


Author: Marc Secchia
Narrator: Thomas Durham
Publisher: OrangeSky Audio
Run time: 31 hours 34 minutes
Release Date: 12/14/2021