A Servant's Work: An Esowon Story

A Servant's Work: An Esowon Story

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Amana has a special gift to see into the future. But one day something goes horribly wrong … something he never foresaw. 

Following the loss of his family, he is determined to master the mystic arts and have his revenge. 

The only place he can learn to hone these abilities is with a group of pacifist mountain monks who rebuke the act of vengeance.  

If Amana is to achieve a power great enough to avenge his loved ones, he’ll have to embrace the philosophy of the Junga monks and keep his true intentions locked away. But will Amana gain the sorcerous power he seeks? Or will his dark quest send him on a journey he can’t come back from?

Delve into this prequel novella to The Kishi, and embark on a cautionary tale of shortcuts to enlightenment.


Author: Matthew Chatman
Narrator: John Rogers
Publisher: Bandele Books
Run time: 2 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 09/10/2019