Abbadon: A Metaphysical Fantasy Adventure

Abbadon: A Metaphysical Fantasy Adventure

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She’s finally taken up her crown. But has her magic come too late to save her realm?

Princess Kara Beth has come a long way from her ordinary days in another dimension. Now betrothed and with her magic on the mend, she pushes even harder in the fight to save her homeworld. But as her sworn enemy’s power becomes unstoppable, her only hope lies in winding back the clock to prevent planet-wide annihilation.

Along with a couple of dimensional travelers, Kara Beth ventures back in time to confront Abbadon before he became consumed with deadly hatred. But as her mission takes an unexpected turn, she can feel destiny slipping through her fingers. And the only way to reclaim her role of savior is to sacrifice her one chance at Happiness…

Will Kara Beth destroy her own heart to save the people she loves?

Abbadon is the third book in the gripping Return to Erda fantasy series. If you like powerful heroines, mythical creatures, and time-travel adventures, then you’ll love Beca Lewis’s action-packed novel


Author: Beca Lewis
Narrator: Beca Lewis
Publisher: Perception Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 01/03/2020