Accidental Traveler Box Set Volumes 1-3

Accidental Traveler Box Set Volumes 1-3

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Stuck in the Game, A LitRPG Adventure

Hal can't catch a break.

What can he do to turn his luck around?

Wandering through a flea market, a strange woman starts to talk his ear off. She won’t let him leave. He doesn’t want any of her junk, that is, until she pulls out a bootleg copy of a new game. Maybe he can forget his troubles for a few hours?

What happens next, turns Hal’s life upside down.

You’ll love this epic LitRPG fantasy series, because every game needs a winner.

Play along with Hal as he becomes an Accidental Thief, Warrior, and Mage.

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Author: Jamie Davis, C.J. Davis
Narrator: Roberto Scarlato
Publisher: Jamie Davis
Run time: 28 hours 43 minutes
Release Date: 11/25/2019