Adoring Delaney

Adoring Delaney

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Carter Lenox has two regrets—hesitating on a mission in Afghanistan with disastrous consequences and pushing away Delaney Walker. When he gets word the love of his life is in trouble and she needs him more than ever, the decision to go home is an easy one.

Delaney Walker has loved Carter since they were children. She’s waited for him between missions hoping he’d eventually open his heart and they could be together. But when she suffers a devastating loss, one she must keep a secret, Delaney decides it’s time to stop waiting for her SEAL and move on.

With the threat closing in, Delaney has no choice but to turn to Carter. If she can find the courage to trust Carter’s promises and share her secret, their future will be full of the life and love they’ve always wanted. If not, Delaney may not only lose her first love but her life.


Author: Riley Edwards
Narrator: Troy Duran, Devon Grace
Publisher: Rebels Romance
Run time: 8 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 12/06/2022