Alien Abduction for Beginners

Alien Abduction for Beginners

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Not all aliens are good at abducting humans.

Havel, Matar and Xil have failed too many times to count. Luckily, there's help available for failed kidnappers: a diploma offered by the Intergalactic University. To complete their course, these three sexy aliens need to abduct a human female – and they're graded on it.

The problem is, the human female has no intentions of being abducted, not even to help them get the universe's most recognised abduction qualification.

A hilarious sci-fi reverse harem with clueless aliens and the human woman they're trying to seduce (and probe). Beware, these aliens have fangs and tails and are ready to put them to good use.

The Intergalactic Guide to Humans

  1. Alien Abduction for Beginners
  2. Alien Abduction for Professionals
  3. Alien Abduction for Experts

Spin-off: Alien Abduction for Beginners: Christmas Assignment


Author: Skye MacKinnon
Narrator: Bridget Bordeaux, Jake Bordeaux
Publisher: Peryton Press
Run time: 2 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 03/01/2021