Amazon Reviews for Books: How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon

Amazon Reviews for Books: How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon

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The book has launched…

…and now you stare at it on the screen.

How will you get more reviews?

In the world of publishing, reviews matter. They are the social proof that lets people know your book is worth their time. Most people don’t leave them, so what’s an author to do?

It can take 100 readers…

…to get 1 review.

How will you get your Social Proof?

Dale L. Roberts is a self-publishing advocate, award-winning author, and video content creator. Dale’s inherent passion for life fuels his self-publishing advocacy both in print and online. After publishing over 40 titles, he has begun to teach his secrets to success.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand the value of Book review services (Is it worth it?)
  • Where to find Reviewer Websites and how to approach them.
  • How to get Editorial Reviews.

…and much more

You’ll love this easy to read book, because the world of self-publishing can be overwhelming and it’s nice to have something so important explained so well.

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Author: Dale L. Roberts
Narrator: Dale L. Roberts
Publisher: One Jacked Monkey LLC
Run time: 1 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 12/01/2020